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Research is fun!

My journey becoming a researcher

Notetaking system setup

Posted: June 14, 2021 #notetaking #notes #research #system
I’ve been fooling around with different note taking systems for years: I don’t think I have magically found the one system to rule them all. But, for (maybe) the first time, I feel pretty comfortable with the system described in this blog. I don’t want to perfect it, it has to be useable and flex...

Getting started with this blog!

Posted: May 7, 2021 #writing #research #freshstart
Welcome! So, a blog. I must admit this is not my first try. But this time I’ll follow through. In this blog I will keep track of my journey to become a researcher, try to capture my thoughts in stories fun to read and share the tools and handy little tricks I find out in the process. To become ...