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Research is fun!

My journey becoming a researcher

Getting started with this blog!

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Posted by Maurice


So, a blog. I must admit this is not my first try. But this time I’ll follow through. In this blog I will keep track of my journey to become a researcher, try to capture my thoughts in stories fun to read and share the tools and handy little tricks I find out in the process.

To become a researcher is not that difficult of course: everybody has a researcher in their nature: we do like to figure stuff out. But to deliver meaningful research and make a living with it, that is a whole different ballgame.

I really enjoy digging in on a subject, finding the nitty gritty details and try to solve tricky problems. I’m used doing exactly that in my day job: working in IT as a manager. But IT is not the context I want to research in.

In my master at the Erasmus University I specialized in operations management and operational excellence: my thesis focused on accountability, risk coverage and resource planning in the public domain. That is where my passion lies: finding solutions in supply chains, work processes or political environments. Getting to know everything about a problem and solving it.

Besides the topics I want to research, there is a whole research process in which I can lose all my time. How to make and keep notes, how to organize, creating and using tools and of course: writing.

Research is writing. And getting good at writing means you have to write. And so we are back to start: a blog. To challenge myself to write on regular basis. Writing online, in a blog I might even help a lost surfer with a trick or a solution to a problem I ran into.

And so it begins….